The mysterious arousal !

As the Apple watch on my wrist beeped showing 1:30 am, the nib came to a screeching stop under the dotted lines, leaving behind the ink in the most designer fashion of a signature I had ever seen. Signed, sealed and done !
My mind and soul felt a relief like the one that I had never felt in ages. Rushing off to the Employee Leisure area, slamming the door shut, I collapsed on the only available couch.

The dim lit room and the pin drop silence conveyed me my sole presence in the room…. or so I thought ! Since there was no one, I collapsed on the only couch, undid my stilettos and spread my legs wide without bothering about my middies pulling up my thighs and exposing more than I was ever comfortable for the place I was in. I closed my eyes.

The unusuality of the cold and a waft of an unpleasant smell broke my snooze. It was barely 10 minutes I had been there, but it felt as if I was trapped in here since ages. I sat upright and tried to fold my arms around my chest in order to feel some warmth, but was shocked to find my shoulders and arms naked and the blazer lying a little distance away. I was confused, “when and how did I took off the blazer….. before or while on the couch?”

In the dim lit room it was only the black skirt that was indicating that I was indeed still clothed but the peach colored tank top camouflaged on my fair skin and the dim light made me appear naked from the waist above. I never felt this exposed ever before.

There was this unusualness inside the room and my mind would not stop probing what and why was it this way. As I turned my head to the right…. I felt it ! The hair on my nape rose like thorns on a porcupine. I heard the hiss of someone exhaling and the unusually hot breath on my neck. My heart started pounding hard and a chill ran down my spine. I quickly tried to grab my blazer, only to see it being yanked away and thrown far from me. As I dashed forward to the exit, the door slam shut. I tried to scream, but found something pressed on my mouth. My arms, were now paining as they got twisted and folded behind my back. Not sure with what, but I found my arms being tied up one at a time to post or a bar hanging on the wall. Tears rolling I kicked hard in front of me. I hit it or him or her or whatever it was… but i did ! In an instant I knew, that I will always remember, for the rest of my life, the yell or the scream of my victim…..but only if I survived tonight.

I was being moved, and laid down. I felt a similar cushioning like the one on the couch I was sleeping on and realized who ever it was, was trying to put me in the Vitruvian Man’s pose. Mouth gagged and hands tied, I realized fighting was not the best option. I pretended surrender and let myself flow with all that was happening. This calmed me down to a large extent and allowed me to gather my focus back. I squinted my eyes in an attempt to catch the sight of my tormentor. No, I was totally unable to recognize who was it or what was it.

I shut my eyes as I felt some sensations by my exposed inner thighs, I pretty much knew what was coming my way and braced myself for it. Just hoping and praying that who ever that beast or culprit was, should have some sanity and spares me alive once done.

The whiffs of exhaling by my thighs were now beginning to make me feel ticklish. The long and soft hair now flickering over my exposed skin, surprisingly made me aroused. With the rising heat and moistness, my hands instinctively tried to reach down there, which only made me realize that my hands, though were tied but they were not tied like how a kidnapper would tie. There was some velvety softness to the hand cuffs or whatever was used to tie my hands. After all why would a kidnapper leave the legs untied if at all he or she wanted the victim tied anyways ?

My mind now started wondering what exactly is happening. Meanwhile the whiffs of exhaling had now reached by my right love handle. I knew I still had my peach colored strapless top on as I could feel the clothe, but was wondering will I be disrobed ? The exposed skin between the top and skirt had become more sensitive and I could feel some soft touch object sliding over.

Was I being raped ? No.. this does not looks or feels remotely close to being raped, though the beginning does appears indicative. Was I being robbed ? No.. I was in my office where I rarely carry any valuables and since I wear no ornaments, my being the target was less. Then what the hell is going on ? Who is my captor ? My mind stopped functioning at the next question this even a human being ? I FROZE ! I was scared, shocked and aroused at the same time. Never had I felt like this in my 27 revolutions around the mighty Sun.

I could not muster anymore courage and biting into my lips I tried my best to let out the loudest scream possible. But unfortunately my mouth being covered up all I could manage was mere muffled yelp. Realizing the futility of my attempts to fight or free myself, tears rolling, I lay there in anticipation of getting disrobed, raped and degraded in the most violent manner. I said my prayers and shut my eyes.

“Shikha…Shikhaa….. Heyyyy Shikhaaa…. wake up… are you alright ??” My mind registered the sounds and voices and I opened my eyes only to see the blur of the crowd of people gathered around me. I tried to speak, but barely could manage as my mouth was completely dry. Somebody offered me some liquid by my lips, instinctively I drank it, only to realise it was water. I wanted more, no God Damnn….. I needed more ! I drank like thirsty camel, until I let out a loud sigh. With water dripping from my mouth I managed to sit up and opened my eyes.

Blurry images of human forms cleared up and I saw some familiar set up. I wondered a while, where was I. I realised I was in a hospital, but how did I landed there ? A look around the room and I realised apart from doctors there were some police personnel too. As I gained more senses, somebody asked me do you remember who are you ? I nodded in affirmative.
Do you recall what happened with you ? Yes, I said.
Do you know who did it ? No.
Do you know how you ended being here ? I said No.
Next question baffled me and brought me into my true senses… ” Do you know how long you have been like this ?” I replied.. what do you mean how long ? It was just last night I went to the Employee Leisure Center in the office.
Last night ? You have been here since past 2 days I heard in response. WHAATTTT TWO DAYS ??? I replied. Right then Ranjini my elder sister, entered the room. Sobbing she hugged me and thanked god.

The lady police officer walked over to me and requested me to narrate everything as she requested my statement. As I finished narrating her my ordeal, she shot a glance at male officer sitting besides her. “This is the 10 th such case …” He replied. I asked 10th ? what do you mean ? He said, “Mam, there has been sudden spurt of such type of incidents where the girl has been almost undressed and almost raped but not really. None by far has ever seen him/her or whatever that is.” At this I asked him what do you mean officer by whatever that is ? He said, “Mam, the description you have given about the looks of perpetrator matches with what others have said. But one thing is common is nobody saw that person in entirety. Also, with all the victims he/she tied the hands and sniffed around the whole body but never undressed them fully or touched them. All victims felt unusually cold and felt an usual smell. All the victims fell asleep and woke up 2 days later.”

I came home with more mysteries and questions than answers.

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